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Impacts of Shale Gas Extraction November 2012
LBST has compiled the study „Impacts of Shale Gas Extraction on the Environment and on Human Health“ for the European Parliament. This one adds and updates the work from June 2011. It was published by the Parliament and is available in English.

CCS Global October 2012
Partnering with the Wuppertal Institute LBST has analysed coal reserves and production for South Africa, India, and China as part of a comprehensive study on potentials for CCS (carbon capture and storage) in these countries. The study was mandated by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment and is now available online. It analyses in how far potential storage capacities are able to hold energy related CO2 emissions until 2050.


European Hydrogen Road Tour H2moves Scandinavia-Project started September 2012

The European Hydrogen Road Tour for the first EU-funded lighthouse project for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles kicked off on September 13. The project aims at providing proof for the market readiness of vehicle fuel cells and the associated hydrogen refuelling infrastructure under demanding Scandinavian climatic conditions. The European Road Tour communicates project results to a wider audience in those European countries, where a first market introduction is planned. The tour started in Hamburg with subsequent stops in Bolzano, Paris, Cardiff, Bristol, Swindon, and London before the arriving at the final destination in Copenhagen. A total of 7 fuel cell electric vehicles from project partners Daimler and Hyundai, as well as from cooperation partners Honda and Toyota are participating in the tour. LBST is the coordinator for the project and also contributes substantially to the tour organisation. More information under:


Feasible Futures for the Common Good March 2012
Within the research project Feasible Futures, funded by the Austrian Climate- and Energy Funds (KLIEN) of the Austrian Federal Government, LBST provided the part “Assessment of Fossil Fuels Availability and of Key Metals Availability. Umweltbuero Klagenfurt was the Project Management. The project investigates how supply crises of fossil and metal resources might influence and endanger the transition to renewable energies.


Twelve New Hydrogen Refuelling Stations in 2011 Worldwide March 2012
Twelve new hydrogen refuelling stations opened throughout the world in 2011, bringing the total number of hydrogen refuelling stations in operation to 215. This is the result of the fourth annual assessment by, a website of Ludwig-Bölkow-Systemtechnik (LBST) and TÜV SÜD. Another 122 refuelling stations are in the final planning stage around the world.


Safe Hydrogen Infrastructure – March 2012 March 2012
In order to introduce hydrogen into road transport in the near future refuelling stations, car repair shops, parking garages and tunnels need to be approved safely and efficiently. For Germany, the present study [only available in German] describes the present situation and the efforts still needed to further improve it.


Market Designs for a Completely Renewable Power Sector January 2012
An article on the current German electricity market design and its suitability for an electricity sytem completely based on renewable sources, also analysing alternatives. Article by Jenny Winkler and Matthias Altmann published online in the Zeitschrift für Energiewirtschaft on 26 January 2012.


Save our Surface November 2011

The research project Feasible Futures, funded by the Austrian Climate- and Energy Funds (KLIEN) of the Austrian Federal Government, analysed the impacts of climate change in combination with the supply crises of fossil resources and fertilizer for the agriculture of Austria. Time frame 2050. Umweltbuero Klagenfurt was the Project Management. LBST analysed the input of fossil energy carriers and reserves as well as possible extraction of phosphor and potassium.


Affordable Hydrogen Storage Systems October 2011
Storage of electrical energy in hydrogen storage systems - the only state of the art large-scale hydrogen storage system technology with a storage capacity that allows seasonal storage of electrical energy at large scale. A review of Tetyana Raksha of LBST, in HZwei of October 2011, page 10. (German only)

Link to the HZwei Homepage:


Shale Gas stirs hope and fear October 2011
Shale gas or more generally unconventional natural gas is increasingly becoming a subject of controversial discussion in Germany and Europe. On the one hand are the risks to the environment and health, on the other hand economic expectations. LBST guest column in Dow Jones Energy Weekly of October 14, 2011, p. 8. (German only)


Long term storage connects electricity and gas grids June 2011
Our energy system is changing. In addition to electrical energy storage capacity covering short term peaks, long term storage will increasingly be required. LBST guest column in Dow Jones Energy Weekly of June 24, 2011, p. 9. (German only)


Do we have to reinvent the airplane? May 2011

The aviation sector faces a massive reorientation. Sustainability expert Patrick Schmidt of LBST in the ARD-Themenwoche "Mobility"of 22 to 27 May 2011on the thematic priority air traffic. (Available in German only).


Press release HyLIFT-DEMO May 2011

Hannover. HyLIFT-DEMO Project Showcases Hydrogen Powered Fuel Cell Forklift Trucks at CeMAT logistic Fair.


Press release "22 New hydrogen filling stations" April 2011

Munich. 22 new hydrogen refuelling stations opened worldwide in 2010, increasing the total number to 212. This is the result of the third annual assessment by, a website of TÜV SÜD and LBST. Another 127 refuelling stations are in the planning stage around the world.


Fundamental change in our energy system April 2011

"A book for politicians and entrepreneurs who want to adapt to energy transition in time."

The title of LBST was presented as a book tip at the website of the Swiss television.


Conference on the future energy supply without oil in Luxembourg on 31 March 2011 March 2011

Dr. Werner Zittel of LBST at Déi Gréng´s invitation in Luxembourg

Press release in German and French
Article "Une vie après le pétrole" in French at
Werner Zittel in an RTL interview (available in German only)


Preparatory study on the development of a new mobility and fuel strategy March 2011

Ludwig-Bölkow-Systemtechnik GmbH will conceive the contents, structure and progress of the development of a new mobility and fuel strategy within the scope of a preparatory study by order of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Urban Development (BMVBS).
(available in German only)


Oilprice threatens economic recovery March 2011

Experts expect record prices for 2011

Oilexpert Werner Zittel of LBST in the Westdeutscher Rundfunk (3rd January 2011)
(available in German only)


Hydrogen to integrate renewable energies February 2011

Hydrogen improves the integration of renewable energies

A guest contribution of the LBST in the Energy Weekly of 27th December 2010, (available in German only)


CNG and LPG for Tranport in Germany January 2011

Environmental Performance and Potentials for GHG Emission Reductions until 2020

An Expertise for Erdgas Mobil, OMV and SVGW


Studies for the European Parliament December 2010

LBST and its partners wrote two energy studies for the European Parliament:

  • EU Energy Efficiency Policy – Achievements and Outlook
  • Overview of energy efficiency measures of European industry


Wind-hydrogen in Northern Germany September 2010

"Wind-hydrogen: One component for the future energy supply in Northern Germany"

Press release on LBST´s study commissioned by the Wasserstoff-Gesellschaft Hamburg, the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein (available in German only)

Detailed information available on the webpage of the Wasserstoff-Gesellschaft Hamburg e.V.


Studies for the European Parliament June 2010

LBST and its partners have written and delivered three energy studies to the European Parliament:

  • EU Energy Markets in Gas and Electricity – State of Play of Implementation and Transposition
  • Assessment of Potential and Promotion of New Generation of Renewable Technologies
  • Decentralized Energy Systems


Press release "New hydrogen filling stations" March 2009

Worldwide 15 new hydrogen filling stations in 2008


Contribution to the VDE-study on energy storage December 2008

VDE-Study "Energy storage in power supply systems with a high share of renewable energy sources", published by VDE-ETG Task Force Energy-Storage and LBST contributions. (english version available upon request)


New LBST Managing Director November 2008

New Managing director at LBST (available in German only)


New hydrogen filling stations , September 2008

New hydrogen filling stations: Denver (USA), Bolzano (Italy), Port Talbot (UK) Loughborough (UK), Rolla, Billerica, Los Angeles, Arcata, Ardsley (USA), Hamburg Alster Zemship.

Number of listed filling stations: 325


EWG and LBST Press Conference . February 2008

The Oil-Report of LBST for the Energy-Watch-Group (EWG) was presented to the public in London. It can be downloaded at the EWG website.










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