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Energy - Mobility - Sustainability


          New study compares different electric mobility concepts
In a joint study “Comparing Electricity and Hydrogen as Carbon-Free Final Energy Sources”, LBST and Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI are comparing and evaluating economic efficiency, greenhouse gas emissions and energy efficiency in fuel cell and battery electric vehicles. The study results indicate that a situation-dependent use of vehicles with different propulsions is more likely than a single solution which meets all the requirements.
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          Eighteen New Hydrogen Refueling Stations in 2009, Worldwide
In 2009, 18 new hydrogen refueling stations opened worldwide, increasing the total number to 206. This is the result of the second annual assessment by, a website of the hydrogen and fuel-cell internet portal of TÜV SÜD and Ludwig-Bölkow-Systemtechnik (LBST). Another 108 refueling stations are currently in the planning stage throughout the world.
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          Germany : Lead Market for Energy Storage & Fuel Cell Systems
Germany Trade & Invest, the foreign trade and inward investment agency of the Federal Republic of Germany has created a comprehensive brochure providing an excellent overview of opportunities in Germany for developing and commercializing technologies for the efficient storage of electrical energy, including LBST data and company profile.
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          18th World Hydrogen Energy Conference
Every two years the international hydrogen industry and research community gathers for a large conference. This May 2010 it took place in
Essen , Germany . Several LBST experts have actively participated in the event that was characterized by a common expectation for a more widespread commercialization of fuel cells and build-up of refueling infrastructure in the next few years.
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          Joining the debate on electromobility
LBST experts are frequently called on when competent views are needed in the current debate on electromobility. Senior Consultant Reiner Wurster provided his views to a recent overview article in Neue Zürcher Zeitung on the subject, stating our expectation that electric mobility will play an increasing role in any future scenario, and that both batteries and fuel cells will each have their applications.
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          Energy Infrastructure 21
In a position paper commissioned by European Hydrogen Associations LBST examines the role of hydrogen in addressing the challenges in the new global energy system. Aimed at the layman, the paper explains the key role of renewable energies and the implications on storage demand, supply infrastructures and mobility concepts.
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          False Hopes for Shale Gas
Natural gas trapped in layered rock – so called shale gas or unconventional gas - which can be found in various places worldwide is touted as a game changer for the gas industry. Analysis of LBST Senior Scientist Dr. Werner Zittel on the detrimental environmental consequences of shale gas exploration has received significant media coverage.
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          The cost of sustainable energy supply
Converting our energy supply from its fossil base to renewable may actually save money to our economies. An LBST analysis for the international NGO Energy Watch Group shows that making worldwide energy renewable-based by 2030 as calculated by UC Stanford and UC Davis might actually be cheaper than the cumulative current energy cost extrapolated through 2030 at constant value.
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          Solar Initiative Munich
Jointly with Munich-based consultancy K.Group and law firm Zirngibl Langwieser, LBST has conducted a feasibility study for a “Solar Initiative Munich”, aiming to set up an organization to foster deployment of photovoltaic energy generation on the city rooftops. The initiative is supported by the Munich City Council and was initiated by City Council member Sabine Nallinger.
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          Think Global, Act Local
LBST has supported the county of Weilheim-Schongau South of Munich in their aim towards lowering greenhouse gas emissions county-wide. In a comprehensive climate protection concept, LBST has analyzed current energy consumption, assessed the potential for efficiency improvement and for local renewable energy supply, and identified concrete measures as next steps.
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          HyWeb News Corner: Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

U.S. fuel cell and hydrogen market report: compiled by the US National Hydrogen Association – Based on latest 2008 data
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BAE Systems and Ballard to jointly develop hydrogen fuel cell bus: Fuel cell-battery-hybrid propulsion system to be operated by California Californian SunLine Transit
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The Topical Quotation: Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the Board of Management in an interview with the magazine Merian extra – special issue “Formel 1“ of 11th March 2010
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Honda: New residential solar hydrogen fueling station starts operation: Los Angeles-based station to refuel Honda FCX Clarity – Targeting residential applications – High-pressure electrolyzer and slow-fill to spare booster compressor
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LBST-Expert Consultants for Energy and Environment

Ludwig-Bölkow-Systemtechnik GmbH (LBST) is an expert consultant for energy and environment, supporting international clients from industry, finance, politics, and non-governmental organizations in strategy, technology, and sustainability. Its cutting edge competence is based on three decades of continuous experience, and on its interdisciplinary team of leading experts, bridging policy, economy, and technology.


LBST supports its clients with

technology assessment and due diligence; energy and infrastructure concepts; feasibility studies;

product portfolio analysis, identifying new products and services; market analysis, decision support, and policy support;

life cycle and carbon footprint analysis; natural resources assessment (energy, minerals, water); sustainability due diligence;

project management, monitoring and assessment; and

studies, briefings, expert workshops, trainings.


Particular expertise exists in energy (renewables, energy storage, hydrogen and fuel cells) and mobility (fuels and drives, infrastructure, mobility concepts), with our work in sustainability cutting across all sectors.
A key common denominator of all activities is the rigorous system approach, making sure all relevant elements of a tightly networked system are taken into account, providing our customers with a comprehensive and complete basis for their decisions.
With its deep understanding of developments and technologies and its truly independent advice, LBST helps its clients to secure their future.



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