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The last half year has been a very busy one for LBST. Being an exclusive advisor to the ITRE Committee of the European Parliament, we have by now published five studies from that relationship; the new certification processes mandatory for actors in the biofuels field lead to several client tasks for us; jointly with Toyota we have published a book on our future energy supply; and we have provided significant input to the growing discussion around availability of energy resources as well as storage options for fluctuating renewable energy.

All this and more is covered in this edition of our Newsletter.

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Energy – Mobility – Sustainability


          European Parliament draws on LBST-expertise
In cooperation with our partners Hinicio, CEPS, VTT, and College of Europe we support the European Parliament in the areas of Energy and Climate Protection. The following studies have already been published:

-      EU Energy Markets in Gas and Electricity – State of Play of Implementation and Transposition

-      Assessment of Potential and Promotion of New Generation of Renewable Technologies

-      Decentralized Energy Systems

-      EU Energy Efficiency Policy – Achievements and Outlook

-      Overview of Energy Efficiency Measures of European Industry


          LBST supports bio energy sustainability certification
From January 1, 2011 , most bio energy has to meet sustainability requirements and be certified accordingly. LBST has already supported 5 biofuel plants to prepare for certification. Actors along the whole value chain selling into the European market, from feedstock providers, mills, and biodiesel refineries to ethanol factories will have to routinely certify in the future. Germany is the first country to have implemented the European Renewable Energy Directive.
More at

          Future energy supply
In a joint study with Toyota Motor Europe (TME) LBST has investigated the consequences of limited global oil production on energy and food prices and on several industry sectors. Based on this work a book has been published where detailed reserves and production statistics are analyzed for oil, natural gas, coal, and uranium, leading to an outlook on future energy supply options.
Further information on the book at; German only; an English version is planned

          Energy and climate protection concepts
LBST in cooperation with local consultant udEcon has devised an energy and climate protection concept for the community Haar near Munich, as well as a list of concrete measures fostering reduced energy consumption and increased use of renewable energy sources. Focus areas included assessing the technical and economic potential of supplying local heat requirements through deep geothermal.
A summary of the concept can be found at (German only)

          Wind-Hydrogen in Germany
In a study jointly commissioned by
Wasserstoff-Gesellschaft Hamburg (Hamburg Hydrogen Society), the city of Hamburg , and the German state of Schleswig-Holstein LBST has analyzed technical and economic potentials for producing hydrogen from excess wind energy. Results show that producing and storing hydrogen from wind energy helps facilitate the integration of renewable energy into the energy system, improve security of supply, and support greenhouse gas reduction goals. Due to the high wind energy potential, local storage opportunities in salt caverns, and already existing hydrogen demand, Northern Germany provides for almost ideal conditions for an implementation.
A similar study has been conducted for the German state of Hessen.
Details on the North German study can be found at and
An English language presentation on the subject is available here:

          Large European project for fuel cell vehicles
The European lighthouse project H2moves Scandinavia has officially been announced in July. 17 of the latest fuel cell vehicles from Daimler and Fiat will be tested for 3 years, and an associated hydrogen refueling infrastructure will be build in the course of the project. LBST is project coordinator and responsible for the monitoring and assessment framework as well as for dissemination.
More at

          Fuel cell driven small vehicles
In summer 2010, the “Hydro mobile” project concluded successfully after 3 years. 13 German SMEs and research institutes including LBST’s Dresden office have developed and tested innovative applications for low power fuel cell systems. The highest visibility result was a small electric 3-wheeler (TRIKE) with fuel cell drive.
More at (German only)


LBST – Consultants for Sustainable Energy and Mobility


Ludwig-Bölkow-Systemtechnik GmbH (LBST) is an expert consultant for sustainable energy and mobility, supporting international clients from industry, finance, politics, and non-governmental organizations in strategy, technology, and sustainability. Its cutting edge competence is based on three decades of continuous experience, and on its interdisciplinary team of leading experts, bridging policy, economy, and technology.

LBST supports its clients with

technology assessment and due diligence; energy and infrastructure concepts; feasibility studies;

product portfolio analysis; identifying new products and services; market analysis; decision support; and policy support;

life cycle and carbon footprint analyses; natural resources assessment (energy, minerals, water); sustainability due diligence;

project management, monitoring and assessment; and

studies; briefings; expert workshops; trainings.

Particular expertise exists in energy (renewables, energy storage, hydrogen and fuel cells) and mobility (fuels and drives, infrastructure, mobility concepts), with our work in sustainability cutting across all sectors.
A key common denominator of all activities is the rigorous system approach, making sure all relevant elements of a tightly networked system are taken into account, and providing our customers with a comprehensive and complete basis for their decisions.

With its deep understanding of developments and technologies and its truly independent advice, LBST helps its clients to secure their future.


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