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Change is the only constant – the German decision to phase out nuclear power certainly creates varying echoes around the globe. Re-thinking energy supply scenarios calls for expert analysis and we continue to help private and public clients in assessing potentials and opportunities.

Large-scale energy storage in particular, but also e-mobility (with batteries and fuel cells) and in-depth sustainability analyses have continued to be a focus of our activities for industrial clients over the past months. We have also further explored the interface between technology and policy in some of our work for public clients.

A few current bits and pieces of our public work are covered in this latest edition of our Newsletter.


Drawing system boundaries wide enough is crucial in developing realistic and robust long term views. In that context, I would like to leave you with a 1984 quote from our founder Ludwig Bölkow, which still appears very up to date:
I am clearly of the opinion that also in the long term mankind can survive and prosper in the open system EARTH. We will only have to use the radiating sun as a primary energy source. Of course, as an engineer, I do not exclude that it will also work with nuclear energy. However, the risks appear unforeseeable at present. […] We have to yield to the ethics of the generation contract and must not leave an ecological or economical wasteland to our successors.


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Energy – Mobility – Sustainability


          Energy Infrastructure Priorities for Europe
In cooperation with our partner Hinicio we have analyzed long-term energy models and their underlying assumptions up to the year 2050 for the ITRE Committee of the European Parliament, supporting the setting of energy infrastructure priorities.
The study is available at

          Future Energy Supply Options
The Committee on Budgets and the Committee on Budgetary Control of the European Parliament asked LBST to support the decision process on fusion energy and European energy scenarios. Dr. Werner Zittel of LBST was one of three international experts to prepare and present a briefing note to the Committee.
The Committee Workshop documentation including our briefing note is available at

          Energy Storage
Analysing technologies, economy, and opportunities for
large-scale energy storage has continued to be a focus of our activities for industrial clients in engineering, automotive, and utilities over the past months. While most of this work is of course customer confidential, we have published a few overview articles on the topic.
See e.g. (German only), (German only), and

          New German Mobility and Fuel Strategy
In anticipation for a new mobility and fuel strategy the German government has asked a team of experts including LBST to help prepare the structure, content, and approach of the strategy. Results were presented to more than 300 stakeholders from the energy, mobility and policy sectors at a kick-off event on June,
9 in Berlin.
More at and (German only)

          CNG and LPG for Transport in Germany
LBST has analysed CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) and LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) energy pathways for the supply and use as a transport fuel in Germany. After reviewing the current status, the work performed for erdgas mobil, OMV, and SVGW looks at greenhouse gas emission reductions, overall environmental performance, and alternative fuel contributions to EU targets.
More at

          Twenty-two New Hydrogen Refueling Stations in 2010, Worldwide
22 new hydrogen refuelling stations opened worldwide in 2010, increasing the total number to 212. This is the result of the third annual assessment by, a website of LBST and TÜV SÜD. Another 127 refuelling stations are in the planning stage around the world.
More at

          European Project for use of hydrogen in Materials Handling
LBST is coordinator of the European HyLIFT-DEMO project. 9 international partners will conduct a large scale demonstration of Fuel Cell Hydrogen powered Fork Lift Trucks, while building business cases to enable subsequent commercial deployment and market introduction by 2013.
More at

          Sustainable EU budgets
In cooperation with the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy and with the Ecologic Institute, we have assessed the largest fields of expenditure of the EU Transport and Energy budget for environmental sustainability in a study for the ENVI Committee of the European Parliament.
The study is available at

          Helping to Prepare for a Sustainable Future
LBST is a partner in two projects funded by the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund, contributing with our expertise in assessing availability of natural resources.
‘Feasible Futures for the Common Good’ explores how resource constrains may impede growth of renewable energy systems and develops corresponding recommendations; more at
‘SOS – Save Our Surface’ develops options for a sustainable land use in
Austria; more at


LBST – Consultants for Sustainable Energy and Mobility


Ludwig-Bölkow-Systemtechnik GmbH (LBST) is an expert consultant for sustainable energy and mobility, supporting international clients from industry, finance, politics, and non-governmental organizations in strategy, technology, and sustainability. Its cutting edge competence is based on three decades of continuous experience, and on its interdisciplinary team of leading experts, bridging policy, economy, and technology.

LBST supports its clients with

technology assessment and due diligence; energy and infrastructure concepts; feasibility studies;

product portfolio analysis; identifying new products and services; market analysis; decision support; and policy support;

life cycle and carbon footprint analyses; natural resources assessment (energy, minerals, water); sustainability due diligence;

project management, monitoring and assessment; and

studies; briefings; expert workshops; trainings.

Particular expertise exists in energy (renewables, energy storage, hydrogen and fuel cells) and mobility (fuels and drives, infrastructure, mobility concepts), with our work in sustainability cutting across all sectors.
A key common denominator of all activities is the rigorous system approach, making sure all relevant elements of a tightly networked system are taken into account, and providing our customers with a comprehensive and complete basis for their decisions.

With its deep understanding of developments and technologies and its truly independent advice, LBST helps its clients to secure their future.


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